CORNERSTONE GROUP ™  provides strategic consulting, financial advisory, comprehensive merger and acquisition services and proprietary portfolio solutions as part of its global practice. Established in 1987, CORNERSTONE GROUP ™ delivers buy-side advisory services including Strategic M and A ™, corporate finance, advice on capital raising techniques, strategic case assessments and comparative analysis, acquisition searches, synergy analysis, risk management and acquisition valuations. Its sell-side advisory services include succession planning, operational and financial structuring, guidance on strategic and tactical options, valuation and transaction pricing and negotiation support. As Strategic Counsel ™ the firm also provides counsel and intermediation services for tax, estate planning and regulatory issues and for advisor and partner sourcing. CORNERSTONE GROUP ™ offers operational, legal, financial, tax, regulatory and intellectual property due diligence and risk management services under its Due Diligence Plus ™ Program. It delivers Intelligent Portfolios ™ to its clients through a broad range of financial advisory, asset management, investment management and research services and proprietary portfolio solutions including Signature Private Equity ™.


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How to Reach Us

The Exchange Tower
130 King Street West
Suite 1800, P.O. Box 427
Toronto, Ontario
M5X 1E3

Telephone:      (416) 862-8000 
Facsimile:        (416) 862-8001
Toll-Free:        1-888-COUNSEL (1-888-268-6735)

All inquiries are treated in strict professional confidence.  From Monday through Friday (8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time), please call our Office in the Toronto Stock Exchange Tower at 1-416-862-8000 or email us at:

All professional, referral, co-advisory and joint mandate relationships are fully protected.

Where appropriate, no-charge initial consultations and assessments are available by in-person meetings or via our dedicated global video conferencing facilities.


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