CORNERSTONE GROUP ™  provides strategic consulting, financial advisory, mediation, comprehensive merger and acquisition services and proprietary solutions as part of its global practice.

Established in 1987, CORNERSTONE GROUP ™ delivers buy-side advisory services including Strategic M&A ™, corporate finance, advice on capital raising techniques, strategic case assessments and comparative analysis, acquisition searches, synergy analysis, risk management, acquisition valuations and advisor and partner sourcing. Our sell-side advisory services include succession planning, operational and financial structuring, guidance on strategic and tactical options, valuation and transaction pricing and negotiation support. 

As Strategic Counsel ™ the firm also provides counsel and mediation, arbitration and intermediation services for business, family, estates, real estate, workplace and regulatory disputes through MEDIATORS ON CALL.COM ™.

CORNERSTONE GROUP ™ offers operational, legal, financial, tax, regulatory and intellectual property due diligence and risk management services under its Due Diligence Plus ™ Program. We deliver a broad range of financial advisory, asset management, mediation services and proprietary solutions.


Contact Information

How to Reach Us

The Exchange Tower
130 King Street West
Suite 1800, P.O. Box 427
Toronto, Ontario
M5X 1E3

Telephone:       416.862.8000 
Facsimile:        416.862.8001
Toll-Free:         1.888.COUNSEL (1.888.268.6735)

All inquiries are treated in strict professional confidence.  From Monday through Friday (8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time), please contact our Office in the Toronto Stock Exchange Tower by Phone at 1.416.862.8000; Email us at:; or Phone us at 1.888.COUNSEL (1.888.268.6735). 

We charge work fees and success fees depending on the individual transaction.

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