Strategic Counsel ™  and Corporate Services

Our Buy-Side and Sell-Side Services Include Advisory, Corporate, Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures

As Strategic Counsel ™ we guide and assist our clients to plan, structure and execute a wide range of complex domestic and international transactions.  We provide strategic advisory services including market intelligence, in-depth research, corporate service offerings and specialized services utilizing our proprietary systems and global databases. We render tactical, structural and transaction-specific advice and transaction execution support. We advise our clients through each stage of the process both pre-closing and post-closing.

CORNERSTONE GROUP ™ supports our clients with their corporate challanges by providing strategic thinking, insight and perspective.  We deliver specialized knowledge, analytical skills and unique methodologies to execute effective solutions. We monitor trends and deliver innovative ideas and opportunities. We enusre that we anticipate our clients' current and future needs and strive to exceed their expectations. 

Our comprehensive range of Advisory and Corporate Services include:

Buy-Side Strategies

  • Formulate and Implement Growth and Acquisition Strategies to Drive Profitability
  • Transaction Investigations and Collateral Inspections
  • Bid and Co-Investment Strategies
  • Negotiate and Document Transaction Terms / Conditional Term Sheets
  • Case Assessments and Comparative Analysis
  • Acquisition Searches and Synergy Analysis
  • Domestic and Cross-Border Merger and Acquisition Strategies
  • Detailed Analysis of Transaction Thesis and Financial Soundness
  • Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures and Partnerships
  • Consolidation Opportunities and Catagory Rollup Strategies
  • Geographic and Regionalized Expansion Strategies
  • Cross-Sell Opportunities to Enhance Value
  • Acquisition Valuations
  • Transaction Pricing, Negotiation Support, M&A Execution 
  • Confidential Intermediation Services
  • Creative Activism to Drive Shareholder Value
  • Regulatory Issues


Sell-Side Strategies

  • Sale and Divestiture Strategies including Pre-Divestiture Reviews and Vendor Support
  • Operational and Financial Structuring
  • Sale to Strategic and Financial Buyers
  • Tax-Efficient Spin-Offs
  • Sourcing Majority and Minority Partners
  • Succession Planning and Exit Strategies
  • Preparation of Confidential Information Memorandums (CIMs) and Business Plans
  • Transaction Pricing and Negotiation Support to Command Significant Valuations
  • Review of Tactical Issues
  • Interaction with Public and Private Sector Influencers
  • Tax and Estate Planning
  • Restructuring Utilizing Tax-Efficient Structures to Maximize After-Tax Returns
  • Sale Valuations
  • Regulatory Issues

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