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CORNERSTONE GROUP ™ provides a wide range of strategic consulting, financial advisory, mediation, comprehensive merger and acquisition services and proprietary solutions to its global clients.  CORNERSTONE GROUP ™ is committed to building strong relationships and assisting its clients and partners to achieve their ultimate strategic, financial and personal objectives. 

As Strategic Counsel ™, we deliver exemplary management advisory services and tailored advisory solutions to businesses and government entities. We have integrated best practices and financial evaluation over many years to successfully drive our clients' bottom-line results and performance excellence.  Through our participation in professional and trade associations including lecturing, lobbying, judging and other educational and committee activities, we are actively involved in shaping the future of our industry.  We always place our clients' interests first and maintain very strict controls over the confidentiality of their information and their transactions. We are committed to excellence, integrity and teamwork.    Headquartered in the Toronto Stock Exchange Tower we work closely with domestic and international partners. CORNERSTONE GROUP ™ is well-positioned to identify and implement unique opportunities on a global basis. We link high-growth firms with local and international partners. We capture assignments with innovative solutions to maximize returns.  CORNERSTONE GROUP ™ specializes in management advisory and mediation services, M&A activities, international alliances and proprietary solutions providing our clients with differentiated, value-added advice on complex decisions and transactions.

CORNERSTONE GROUP ™ maintains an unwavering commitment to planning and service excellence.  We render a broad range of corporate, mediation, regulatory and advisory services to public and private companies, private and institutional investors and others. Pre-closing, we assist our clients to facilitate all aspects of a transaction including planning acquisition and disposition strategies, identifying multiple qualified parties, developing key value drivers and appropriate tax-efficient transaction structures, negotiating with the counterparties and implementing the transaction. Post-closing, we work closely with our clients on integration and performance management.  We pride ourselves in superior relationship management, the ability to sustain momentum and the delivery of extraordinary service. Our mission is to provide comprehensive client-focused and value-added advice and ongoing transaction support to our domestic and foreign clients operating in multi-jurisdictional environments.

CORNERSTONE GROUP ™  provides “turn-key” client-focused strategic consulting, financial advisory, mediation, comprehensive merger and acquisition services and proprietary portfolio solutions as part of its global practice. Established in 1987, the firm delivers buy-side advisory services including Strategic M&A™,  corporate finance services, advice on capital raising techniques, strategic case assessments and comparative analysis, acquisition searches, synergy analysis, risk management and acquisition valuations. Its sell-side advisory services include succession planning, operational and financial structuring, guidance on strategic and tactical options, valuation and transaction pricing and negotiation support. As Strategic Counsel ™ the firm also provides counsel and mediation and intermediation services for tax, family, estate planning, business and regulatory issues and for advisor and partner sourcing. CORNERSTONE GROUP ™ offers operational, legal, financial, tax, regulatory and intellectual property due diligence and risk management services under its Due Diligence Plus ™ Program. We deliver a broad range of financial advisory, asset management, mediation services and proprietary solutions.  

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